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 PICE Life Member Rules

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sir alex
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The Teacher
sir alex

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PostSubject: PICE Life Member Rules   Mon May 17, 2010 3:12 am

PICE- By laws FYI

Section 6:
Any Regular member who, at time of his application for this classification
shall have been a member in good standing of the Institute continuously
for at least ten (10) years shall be classified as Life Member after
verification and approval of his application by the National Board of
Directors. Life membership shall thereafter become effective only upon
payment of the Life Membership fee prescribed under Section 3 of Article
VIII of these By-Laws. A Life Member shall continue to possess and
enjoy all the rights and privileges of a Regular Member in good standing
but shall already be exempt from the payment of annual dues and shall
attend either the midyear, annual and regional conventions at least once a
year. He shall, however, still be required to pay all special as assessments
levied against active members, the non-payment of which may result in
temporary curtailment of his privileges to vote or be voted upon
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PICE Life Member Rules
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